Jan Vorisek - Crisis Instrument

2018.11.3 to 2018.12.23

Paranoida Parade, 2018

Siren, Dimmer, Trimmer, Pedestal

Out of the Unknown, 2018

Spinning Lantern

Chain of Events, 2018

Chains, Hock, Accessory

Paranoida Parade, 2018

Wall Mounted Siren, Timer, Dimmer

Wake up, break out, 2018

Siren, Pedestal

Tactical Silence, 2018

LED Panel

Luxury of a Blank Mind, 2018

Metal Trolley, Zippers

Performance at the opening


Jan Vorisek – Crisis Instrument

feat. Miu & rzhen +more


Presented by bottomspace

Venue: Observation Society

Shop 102, No. 8, Road 1, Suihua Xincun, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

Jan Vorisek (b. 1987, Switzerland) lives and works in Zurich.

Viewed from three steps below, at street level, the space is set as a stage. The

rolling gate is partially dropped, obscuring the view, offering a narrowed


Inside, sirens on display are instruments, ready-mades, chopped and screwed.

Turning on and off, they emit states of alertness into space. The spinning

lantern hanging from the wall acts as a lure, spiraling; a hypnotized suck

running on desire.

These two objects oppose each other to mimic a black hole, an oxymoron,

absorbing and swallowing everything in its approximate distance, radiating

matter and energy.

The table in the corner, a shrine. Comprised of business cards, it acts as a

dedication to contacts collected in various markets, documenting shopping

trips in Guangzhou. WeChat QR codes and addresses mapping the geography

and economy of the city.

Cut up shop text running on fragments of a red LED panel found in the

streets, gives the space another hue.

A performance is held to reconfigure the space. Chords playing on the sirens

are like alarms, their blades cutting the air in various intensities.

Witnessed by a group of friends, the soundcheck becomes the performance.

Later, spilling onto the street, out of the unknown.

Feedback and Distortion – two inextricably connected phenomena – weave

information in on themselves and extend back into the body that they

originate from as to overwrite precisely that body they once stood beside.

Jan Vorisek works across sculpture, installation, performance, improvised

music and noise. Vorisek’s installations are site-specific commentary,

ephemera and documentation – all examining formal hierarchies. With

assemblages consisting of used and found materials, as well as

sound-producing devices, the artist reflects on the fluctuation of noise as a

vessel for information. Accumulated materials and objects are disassembled

into their component parts and then subjected to new systems of organization.

This can take the form of vertical formations meandering through the room,

selective markings or large-scale architectural interventions. The subtly

animated structures function as both producer of and resonant space for

sounds, which test and exceed the limits of perceptibility. Jan Vorisek’s

self-performing structures and scores are complemented by edits of sounds

recorded  outdoors – echos of urban space – in which “inside” merges with

“outside” and exact dimensions of the work remain undefined.