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November 17, 2019 to Next Exhibition

What absences enable communication to be potent? Can there be utility in an

intention toward humiliation? What is a productive dynamic between suppression

of will and the capacity to deter habitual mind frames?

Over the years I have written emails with compulsion and obsession. Writing

emails is probably my favorite activity. Frequently I write them in states with

diminished inhibition. Many mornings I wake with an embarrassment or regret that

lingers through the daylight. Maybe the tone had been too angry and violent;

sometimes, too loving.

But more than not it’s the only way I am able to say what I haven’t been able to say,

and I value honest communication.

Here are all of my sent emails from a formative three-year period of my life. I have

crossed out mant of the names and the intimate moments regarding the details of

those other than myself. Side-note: Photo Booth is not something from which I have


Casey Robbins (b. 1989, USA) lives and works in New York.